Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The Adventures of Ovacome in London - with pics!

The Ovacome tour of London! This is great – at last, someone is doing something about really getting a co-ordinated Awareness out there for ovarian cancer.

To help spread awareness of the first World Ovarian Cancer Day, Ovacome have been out and about shooting pictures with Skye Brackpool of Brighton Togs.

Here they are with David Lammy bearing the logo at The Houses of Parliament. 

20130507-World-Ovarian-Cancer-Day-32From left to right:  Ann Wiltshire, Lyn Howlett, Louise Bayne, David Lammy MP, Elizabeth Harrison, Ruth Grigg and Mary Raftery.

And here is Mary Raftery waving the logo herself! And wearing an Ovacome t-shirt [get in touch with Ovacome to get one of these]20130507-World-Ovarian-Cancer-Day-12-Mary-Raftery

And more banner bearers…Sisters Lyn Howlett (left) and Ann Wiltshire. Go ladies!


The Houses of Parliament. again with Brid Carr…20130507-World-Ovarian-Cancer-Day-14-Brid-Carr

and, last but not least: Elizabeth Harrison with Big Ben too…and a nice big poster, which you can download here on the Ovacome website. Stick it on your car – on your house! Plaster it across your briefcase on the way to work – help us raise awareness of this very first World Ovarian Cancer Day! It could save a woman’s life…


If you also want to help support World Ovarian Cancer Day then you can hand out leaflets, put up posters and send in pictures of activities taking place where you are. Posters are available to download from the Ovacome website. Send the pictures to Ovacome! They’d love to see them, and we’ll plaster you all over the internet :)

Pictures will be posted here and on the Ovacome facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/ovacome

Also, see Ovacome on twitter: @Ovacome

And me on twitter! @l_optimiste

All photos are copyright Skye Brackpool of Brighton Togs.



  1. It is good to spread awareness on ovarian cancer for women aged between 18 to 25. Links and images are good. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Why just aged between 18 to 25? ALL women are at risk.
    I have heard wonderful things about you from my American friends - thanks for the comment :)


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