Sunday, 24 October 2010


I forgot about the FH's birthday pressie from Mum and Dad - hoo! An entire CRATE of wine…what more could one ask for!!! ;) The FH has been enjoying his scrummy wine all evening. And yesterday evening too. Me, I'm still slapping back the Jimenez. Wouldn't want to intrude eh? ;)


In fact, I must say, my last post was as confused as I am. I re read it just now. Repetitive and tedious. And completely boring. I have the habit of just posting stuff then  seeing it a day or so later. Sorry! Just blathering on because sometimes that's what I need to do some days.

But I woke up this morning thinking it was Sunday.

Seriously.  It wasn't. It was Saturday. I then had a horrible panic attack, thinking I should be 'somewhere'. The gardening. Or the cleaning. Or Feelgood Ecobeds. Or Dr Debt. PANIC!  Eventually I realised that actually, I had a day off. OMG!! This was after I checked everything in my Outlook calendar. Frantically. I SO hate this chemo brain crap. It makes one into a complete quivering wreck at times - when one wishes to KNOW something…well, we just don't. But we do. But we can't access the information in the brain. It's infuriating and upsetting.

The other thing I NEEDED to remember was that Rachel is coming down - oh, I didn't forget! But I didn't realise which exact day…I thought it was Sunday. It's Monday. Grr.

Well. Anyway. This morning, I immediately went back to bed. I am exhausted. And it's so cold.  So I decided to make the most of time that wasn't filled with 'stuff'. I have a great book. One of those that you can't put down. So I read it. And I'm still reading it…

But I am also still thinking about all the things I have to 'do'. Ah…no rest for the wicked….back to the book….

Friday, 22 October 2010

reasons to be cheerful part 01

center-patch first - the Hells Angels vector worked. Yippee! And so did the Tribal Tattoo vector. Getting my head around Illustrator more every time I do a job for John. Excellent - he pays me, and I learn things. He is amazing- anything you want spraying or sticking to your vehicle - he's the man. Amazingly talented.

So. This weeks peeve is PINKNESS. see this article here. Food for thought. But to be fair, the Breast Cancer Girls do really 'get it out there'. Well. We Ovarian Cancer girls need to  do the same.

What's been happening here? My mum had her 70th birthday! Imagine - I am so hoping to see mine. Of course I was working….bah and humbug, But she had the pressie she wanted so that's always good! Apparently it arrives this week - waiting for pics!

Apart from chalet bashing, yours truly is now working for Dr Debt, Debt Management Training trying to complete the 100 page manual, then convert it to a PowerPoint show [this is taking ages!! Talk about under quoting ugh] - I finally finished the vectors hoorah!!! And in between, I've been uploading a few more products to Made by Hands of Britain for feelgoodecobeds and doing sundry stuff for him.

On the same day as Mumsy's birthday, it is the FH's birthday. Bad. I didn't even wake up before he left for work [exhausted as usual], to say Happy Birthday :(

BUT I did manage to get a a card and a bottle of Chablis [his favourite wine] - and he had the 'Giant' bike as his pressie. It's the most amazing bike!

So, for his birthday the kids arrived in force, and we had lunch in the garden - pasta, wine, olives …you name it, we had it. And we went to the beach. This is us at the beach. Posers ;)

DSC_0002 Slight interruption - seems we have vermin in the attic. one LARGE vermin. stomps noisily & scratches madly and is now trying to chew it's way through the floor [evidence this morning in the lounge!]. I have investigated the attic with the CSI torch method...found a Mac + keyboard and mouse, a Kenwood chef + 600 attachments, camping stove, velvet curtains [blech] and sundry other goods. NO creatures...hmm, what to do?

well...busy! so, over and out!

Saturday, 9 October 2010

an ordinary day

well this is my usual day at the moment - awake at 6.00 [this is after waking up every hour on the hour during the night - grr, insomnia so SUCKS]. Go back to sleep until 7.00 [yay - lucky me!]. Have my coffee in bed at 7.30 [the FH brings me a coffee every day - even luckier me]. Get up - straight to the pc, toast with Marmite in hand. Onto email - answer, delete and file whatever has arrived since my last login. Get onto MBHOB site - upload some more Feelgoodecobeds products. Send lots of emails about the glitches in the back office...some things don't work yet, but it's a new site and the people running it are amazingly helpful.

Then. Off the chalet bash for a few hours. Usually 5 hours. Or to garden for a few hours. Weather permitting. Then home again to deal with whatever new problem Dr Debt has and to do a bit more work on the ever growing manual. Today's was a Facebook advert - shockingly bad. WE were not amused. Sent a new layout and logo - hopefully we will get a revised version soon. This is what it should look like:


Then off to spinning class - yesterday was fab. The FH came to class! Good fun doing it together. Then home again, bath, dinner, wine - collapse…

Usually amongst all this I'd do the odd blog post, but Windows Live Writer kept conking out EVERY time I tried to add a hyperlink. Grr. Searched Windows help [help? right…]. No luck. Searched google - still nothing sensible. Uninstalled and reinstalled - STILL had the same error [how is that possible?]. Then I came across this blog post. Hoorah!! Usually I hate changing files on my computer - but it WORKED! Woo hoo! Thanks that man!

Right - off to do some gardening after I scan a skull with wings for transformation into a vectored file later…never a dull moment!