Sunday, 24 October 2010


I forgot about the FH's birthday pressie from Mum and Dad - hoo! An entire CRATE of wine…what more could one ask for!!! ;) The FH has been enjoying his scrummy wine all evening. And yesterday evening too. Me, I'm still slapping back the Jimenez. Wouldn't want to intrude eh? ;)


In fact, I must say, my last post was as confused as I am. I re read it just now. Repetitive and tedious. And completely boring. I have the habit of just posting stuff then  seeing it a day or so later. Sorry! Just blathering on because sometimes that's what I need to do some days.

But I woke up this morning thinking it was Sunday.

Seriously.  It wasn't. It was Saturday. I then had a horrible panic attack, thinking I should be 'somewhere'. The gardening. Or the cleaning. Or Feelgood Ecobeds. Or Dr Debt. PANIC!  Eventually I realised that actually, I had a day off. OMG!! This was after I checked everything in my Outlook calendar. Frantically. I SO hate this chemo brain crap. It makes one into a complete quivering wreck at times - when one wishes to KNOW something…well, we just don't. But we do. But we can't access the information in the brain. It's infuriating and upsetting.

The other thing I NEEDED to remember was that Rachel is coming down - oh, I didn't forget! But I didn't realise which exact day…I thought it was Sunday. It's Monday. Grr.

Well. Anyway. This morning, I immediately went back to bed. I am exhausted. And it's so cold.  So I decided to make the most of time that wasn't filled with 'stuff'. I have a great book. One of those that you can't put down. So I read it. And I'm still reading it…

But I am also still thinking about all the things I have to 'do'. Ah…no rest for the wicked….back to the book….

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