Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Premio Meme Award

8th July 2009

While I was away, Audrey gave me a 'Premio Meme Award'. Thank you Audrey! What fun! Audrey is a blogger extraordinaire...check her out. I like this as it never pays to take yourself too seriously.

The rules are to tell you 7 things about myself, and then to pass it on to 7 other people. Any follower of this blog already knows most things about me, so I am going to try to think of some that you don't know...hmm, difficult.

1. I love reading...I will read almost anything at all. Except the newspaper, as it would make me suicidal...
2. I am outgoing and I love meeting new people, although I am always nervous at first, which makes me do a really demented laugh...and talk REALLY fast. So everyone thinks I am a bit mad...they are probably correct!?
3. I like gardening. Actually, it’s my favourite thing to do after drawing.
4. I love travelling, although these days the actual getting from 'here' to 'there' completely sucks.
5. I love my husband more than anything in the whole world. He is the most amazing man, and I am so lucky to have him. Eat your hearts out girls!
6. I vaguely resemble Jennifer Aniston from 'Friends' if I straighten my hair [this is according to MY friends...who are all crazy]
7. I am a Slimming World member. I have horrendous thighs!

Now, I get to pass this on to 7 unsuspecting victims...I mean, bloggers. And so, without further ado [I nicked this bit from Audrey!]:



  1. Ooooh! I love your 7! Especially the part about the dmented laugh! That cracked me up! And the bit about the newspaper making you suicidal! LOL!

    I also read A LOT, but stopped reading and watching the news the day that I received my cancer diagnosis. I just don't care to hear anymore bad news.

    I am thrilled that you like your award and that you are now tossing it about. Stay tuned...there may be more coming your way!

  2. Wahayyy.
    Thanks Sandhy, I've never had one of these before.. all done now hopefully hehehe xx

  3. me either - quite fun what?? ;o)

  4. Slimming world? Is that a place I can live?

  5. hehehe - no I don't think so!! It would be a hideously boring place! :o)


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