Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Kia, creating awareness

Check this out – this is a magazine article in the States about my friend Kia. See her blog for the actual facts, but even though the press didn't get it 'quite' right, and did misquote her it's still getting the message across.

Ovarian Cancer doesn't care WHO it attacks. It does not discriminate. But we can carry on with life afterwards. Even though it is a different life to the one we originally planned.

And Kia, you look great! :o)



  1. very cool, I didn't even know she was being interviewed. Thanks for adding the article to your site too!

    The more I read, the more I click the more I find fellow sisters in the fight....I'm a 7 year survivor, but some days it strikes me like the first day I found out. Take care

  2. SEVEN years!? that is SO great to hear - thanks Sophia :o)


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