Saturday, 18 July 2009

this week

yay what a great week! I skived off circuit training this Saturday – and it felt like i was on holiday! How mad is that, when it's a self enforced regime anyway?

Circuit is at 10.15 on Saturday. Usually I am stressing out trying to get other things done then get ready and rush off to class. Today I simply stayed in bed – until 9.00!! Eek. Outrageous. And the BEST thing was, I didn't have to get up – so that meant I got up.

Last night we went to a wedding reception – it was great. The couple are in the news all the time and it was fun to watch the Japanese cameramen at work. They simply never stop! They actually wanted to see Steve and Carmen at 9.00 this morning? HA! Carmen was having none of that and I don't blame her. The first day of your honeymoon with cameramen in your bedroom at 9.00? Er – that would be a NO…they are in the Thaindian news, the Devon news, the Daily Mail – I could go on…

Anyway, we had a super evening.

Here are the bride and groom; sorry Steve – chopped your head off!


and here I am, as usual outside! The view from the hotel was amazing…


and here are the 'Boys of '72 presenting Carmen with a T-shirt…she was such a good sport – they also sang Delilah…hmmm



Carmen with her new father-in-law, Graham



  1. What a wonderful story, and yet another famous person you know too hehe.

    Looks like you had a great time too, although i'm unsure of the stripey tops ;-)

  2. Oh what fun! The bride is positively stunning. As are you, my friend! What a lovely picture of you.
    Good on ya for skipping out of your class this morning. You earned and deserved your sleep in (lay in?)


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