Tuesday, 7 July 2009

This time last year...

7th July 2009

OMG!! I can't believe it...it’s almost a month since I’ve blogged. I MUST be having a great time right? Well, it feels like it!

There's been lots of traffic on my blog recently for some reason, and I clicked on one of the search queries, to see what had brought ''the USA'' onto a specific post. The WHOLE USA?? Sometimes it says ''Europe'' - does that mean that the whole continent decided that my blog would be worth a gander? It would be fun if it actually showed who had been on the blog – but it just shows the city, country, OS, time of arrival/departure and the way they arrived on the blog. For example by searching for ‘wine’ and ‘ovarian cancer’ [you’d be amazed at how many people search THAT!] Or ginger and OC.

Anyway, enough foolishness...the link took me HERE...

A year ago I was soon to have my LAST chemo session. I am amazed – an entire year has passed! At that point I really didn’t think I’d ever be normal again. Yet here I am now, my hair is almost back to normal [hooray!! curls again and no more torturous straightening the stuff!] doing circuit training three times a week, gardening, driving for hours, lifting and carrying, travelling all over the place...generally having a really nice life. I feel better now than I have felt for 2 years. Carrying a big fat cancerous tumour around was pretty knackering. The very last chemo was on Tuesday 22nd July 2008.

Isn't it amazing? The first thing you think with the diagnosis is: ''I am going to die''. But now I just think; everyone is going to die – I will die when my time comes. I don’t worry about that so much anymore. Hmm. I lied. Perhaps in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep. That can be bad.

And here's me now - nice and brown, look!! Hair almost back to normal [a bit short but do I care? er - no!]


  1. i found your blog a little while ago and it has kept me sane. Read it start to finish. You are a woman after my own heart. I found out i had an ovarian tumour on June 12, full hysterectomy on June 29, home on July 4.Resting up and waiting for the pathology. Reading your blog is like reading a way more intelligent Bridget Jones Diary!! you are v. funny and down to earth and I am thrilled that life is back to normal for you - you look great by the way. I wish all good things for you.
    Linda (Merigomish, NS Canada formerly of Stockton on Tees, up North!)

  2. Linda - thank you!! Blimey they move fast there? Excellent! I hope you get on as well as I have - no reason why not!

    Keep in touch, we have a group on Facebook, so if you're on there, find me. I will add you. We waffle on a lot about everything, and it's pretty supportive.

    A way more intelligent Bridget Jones Diary?? I am flattered :o)

  3. You look fantastic! The picture of health! And very healthy attitude, I must say! Good on ya!

    Nice to see you back again, my friend.

  4. I agree with the other ladies.. You look fantabulous.. such a Babe!

    Blimey a year already since your final chemo! that means its 2 years since i finished mine! time flies.

    looking forward to next month chuck... can't wait to finally meet you xx

  5. thanks girls! A babe? nooooo - but I feel great! :o)


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