Sunday, 12 July 2009

better day

Today was great. Totally recovered from yesterdays fugue. Initially I didn't feel like getting out of bed that's for sure – just wanted to stay there and pretend everything is normal. And probably wallow in self pity. But  the smell of bacon from the kitchen got my arse into gear!

Every morning, Aj brings me a cup of coffee before I get up, I think it's probably the very best thing ever. I love it. Every morning!! Imagine…I can sit in bed having my coffee, contemplating whether or not to rise. Obviously I have to get up, but it gives me the chance to think well maybe I don't have to. That cup of coffee allows me 30 minutes of peace and decision making time. Bliss!

And every Sunday we have poached egg on toast with bacon. I read the silly 'women's magazine' from the Sunday paper, and Aj reads the news [yuck! I totally don't – enough bad news thanks]. I Google all the interesting links about fashion and food and makeup. Today I discovered amazing mascara. Good, I love mascara. It's the same one Judi Spiers recommended, so I'm going to buy it. She has great eyelashes.

I spent the day doing the garden  - always my favourite pastime. Better even than reading! I needed to cut back the Wisteria. Done – took 4 hours mind you [the Wisteria goes all around the entire house – and tries to climb over the roof too], but Aj did all the clearing away, so that helped a lot. Then I decided to attack the blasted Convolvulus that has taken over one of my roses..aargh!! I am now slashed to bits, covered in blood and off for a bath. DEATH to all Convolvulus I say!!

Aj BBQ'd some ribs,fish and pork chops for dinner – amazing. [Jones does good BBQ! Yesterday he made Tortilha. What a bonus – cute hubby who cooks!] woop woop. So we sat on the veranda in the sun and ate it – fab. Then the rain arrived so now we are indoors.

Yay to husbands that can deal with lots of BS…without having a fit, and without 'not talking' to me…brilliant. I know most people would think that after the chemo etc it's 'done', everything should be back to 'normal.' well, WRONG…I don't think you ever get over having had cancer [particularly OC, as the chance of recurrence is so high]. I don't think I will ever not worry about it.

Thanks Jones – you're amazing.

here I am chopping the poor old Wisteria up…



  1. I am blessed, also, by a husband who so lovingly looks after me in my dealing with cancer. And my heart goes out to those whose husbands/wives have not been so kind in their illness. Sounds like your energy level is pretty decent to be working so hard in the yard! Bless you!

  2. I had to make up for being a lazy sloth on Saturday! :o)

  3. Mmm - Aj is a dream! Coffee in bed? You are spoiled rotton! (and you deserve it) :)

  4. How lucky are you!! Dave dosn't put enough coffee in my cup, its like dishwater lol... so i make my own! x


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