Saturday, 11 July 2009


aargh - the post I posted earlier has disappeared?? Whitestone, your comment moved to a different post?? – or went into the ether..sorry. grr. I knew there would be SOME drama using a new programme. Oh well, such is life!!

well, today I discovered this interesting thing on my computer that I’d never seen before. yes, yes, I know "how is this possible?" you are thinking. Well, my pc has so many programmes on it that it’s like an Indian bazaar…filled with lots of colourful things and utterly confusing to the eye…so just never mind that. It’s a thing called Windows Live Writer – and I am now testing it, as it said to me that it can publish my blog right from this page [the page I am typing in now on the pc] to my blog. So, it’ll probably all go tits up and you’ll all want to kill me for either multiple posting or some other chaos.

And YES it deleted one post…how? Don't know how. Anyway, it seems it only saves ONE post at a time. So, here we go again.

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