Wednesday, 29 July 2009

buy gifts for €100, get €20 to give to the charity of your choice? cool!

this is a great idea! I must see if there are any UK sites that do this. Anybody who finds one, do let me know?

"Turning shoppers into philanthropists, is an online gift retailer that donates 20% of all purchases of USD 100 or more to a charity of the buyer's choice. Which allows them to be generous twice: once when giving the gifts they purchased, and a second time when donating 20% of their value to a favourite charity.

Seven days after shopping, customers are mailed a Good Card worth 20% of their purchase. The seven day grace period is in place should anyone wish to return a purchase. Customers can then visit Network for Good's website to donate the entire amount to one charity, or distribute it between several of the 1.5 million charities that are affiliated with Network for Good, from local schools and animal shelters to international aid programs and medical research organizations.

It's a beneficial move for all involved: the site differentiates itself from swathes of other online gift stores, charities receive extra donations and customers can choose exactly which causes benefit from their spending."



  1. Thanks so much for blogging! Mine was Ovarian too - stage 2b, June 2005 Hysterectomy, 6 rounds chemo - all clear now! My "hyster-sisters" and I have a Facebook group - you need to join! "young sexy gynecological cancer survivors" - here's a link

    oh never mind - now I see that's how you found me! You've been chatting to my great friend Andie!

    be well! Jane

  2. Jane! I found you? what d'you mean?

    And GREAT news that you are all clear! woop woop!

    you be well too


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