Tuesday, 7 July 2009

The last few weeks

7th July 2009

The last few weeks have been the total opposite of last June/July. I have been well. I have been having fun. I have also been forgetting a lot of things, and getting very pissed off with the chemo brain, but that’s another story.

I went to Portugal to work for a week, then Aj and kids all arrived at the end of the work week for a further week's holiday. We all bundled into the apartment where I usually stay in Espinho, and had lovely hot weather, spent most of the time at the beach and went to Porto for the festival preparations. Saw breathtaking fireworks, met up with my fabulous friends and ate too much. Perfect. We all came home brown and fatter - the only way to end a holiday.

Here is my gift from Bella on the first day - it lasted until the very last day of our holiday!

Here with friends at the Barco Boador

At the beach with the Littlest Kid!

Blowing bubbles...hmm. Well, Littlest Kid loved it!

My two beautiful step daughters...

And then, home again, home again....jiggety jig

Last weekend we had the Relay for Life in Tedburn St Mary.

My friend Julie did an amazing job of organising the event, and it went off brilliantly. She never stopped for weeks before the day, and just RAN everywhere all weekend. Her poem was so moving, and she’s an absolute star. Everyone had a great time and what better way to raise money than to be having fun? Exhausting, as it’s both emotionally draining and physically draining [well walking first thing after being up partying until 2.00 in the morning - what can I say?]. ;o)

There were singers, bands, a Samba band, drum majorettes, stalls...you name it, and we had it. Judi Spiers arrived in a helicopter, which tickled us pink, as we know her, so were able to take the Mickey unmercifully...she is a great support for us, and will open any event for Cancer Research, and she stays! She did the raffle for us on Sunday morning [hilarious - I wish I had a video of THAT!] and wandered around for hours selling raffle tickets the day before. Very cool. Hopefully we made lots of money!

Here's Judi with Julie and I

I’d like to say a HUGE thanks here to all the people who donated to my and Aj’s justgiving pages, and to everyone who was there on the day to support us. It’s amazing and touching how everyone has done some little thing to help. People even donated from Australia!!

So, you can see why I haven’t been on here! No time...and that’s a good thing.

Myself, Georgie and Julie waiting to do our Lap of Honour

Dancing [!?] to the amazing samba band, Jamme de Samba

The Survivors, guests of honour, doing the first lap

Julie, reading at the Candle of Hope Ceremony.

doing a lap to the tune of Rodrigo Y Gabriela


  1. Sandhy. Your one great woman.. Well done on the relay. xx

  2. thank you - it was fun, like a giant picnic in the park - and next year you will be here too, if we have to DRAG you ;o)


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