Tuesday, 14 July 2009


I REALLY have to stop looking at the News…it is doing my head in…I worry about becoming addicted to that insanity that is called 'news'. News?? Riiiight…

Apparently "Swearing Helps to Reduce Pain". I bet that'll go down well in the hospital wards. "Sorry Nurse, but I swore my head off at you because something was hurting" …of COURSE you did…I wonder how much swearing it'll take to make pain killers obsolete? Might have to swear QUITE a lot I think.

And I saw this today, which cracked me up too…thanks Phil. Pretty surreal. And no, I don't drink Evian.

So. Hilarity apart, this week I am mainly wondering about the lumps on my elbows. Or the top of my ulna rather. This is probably a refreshing change from the pain in my side? Mrs Hypochondriac Strikes Again.

At first I thought I'd been bitten, then the lumpy bits have sort of spread. A bit like that skin disease, psoriasis, but not red or scaly – just lumpy. It started on my right elbow, now it's also appeared on the left elbow. It's not on the bone, just under the skin. Weird. And irritating.

Hmm…lumps and bumps. A definite 'no-no' in my book. So I am off to the GP on Thursday to see if he knows what it is. At least he will 'know a man who can' if he doesn't know what it is. And I will be able to stop worrying about it. Definitely shouldn't have googled it – you will never guess what it comes back with? No. Do not! It's a no brainer…

And for anyone just about to start chemo or treatment for ovarian cancer, see this: the happy feet program. Such a nice thing when you are feeling really gruesome. I think they are going to send me some, as I am a Survivor. Pretty cool! I shall put a photo up if they do. Ovations for a Cure do a LOT to help bring awareness of ovarian cancer to women. Thanks girls.

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  1. Oh my stars - I saw that bit on the news about the swearing. I thought, "Now I have heard everything!"

    But I had NOT heard of the Happy Feet Program.What a great idea! Love it. Do take a picture when you get yours and post it - I would love to see.


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