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  1. Hi I too have Ovarian cancer stage 3b. Im 42 and a mother to 3 children. I live in the United States. I too said Pass the wine, heck give me the bottle. I just found out on April 12 about this. I am getting ready to start chemo in two weeks. I have been picked for a clinical study. Its a blind placebo. I start it on Monday. Its with German Drs. I hope you are doing well and can lend some advice. You are a very strong women!!!! I have a very simple blog at
    Thanks for your Blog I really enjoyed your information Mary

  2. Mary! Thanks - and good luck with the chemo. Look down the right hand side of the blog [scroll down] where it says 'Blog Archive'. Starts in March 2008 up until now. Lots of info about what happened to me and how I managed [or didn't manage!] it all.
    I'll find your blog too :)


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