Saturday, 22 March 2008

21. there's a rat in the kitchen...

Saturday 22 March
Well, not quite IN the kitchen, but further on that in a minute... I am not impressed! Not a solitary Easter egg in this house! Plenty of rubbish like Mint tea, organic yoghurt [where did that come from? organic?!] and other healthy stuff. Blast. Having a very interesting day – got the idea into my head that MAYBE I’ll lose my hair and PERHAPS I’d better think about it a bit more. Ok, not bothered too much about it, but decided to check out the hat scenario – and had amusing thoughts of a purple wig too. Or a straight one – then I can pretend I am Jennifer Aniston in 20 years never know – I might feel like it, and better to be prepared! By now you must have realised I am a total control freak. Correct.

Hat web sites suck. Unless you want to go to a wedding with a great big fluffy thing. Which I definitely do not. Oh well, back to the drawing board. Baseball caps will do it, and I have zillions of them already. Plus the trusty Prada sunglasses! Good for hiding behind. The Bamster thinks they are actually permanently glued on my face – wonder if I can get a Prada baseball cap? Back to the internet immediately! Result was that Prada caps are apparently some kind of ‘Chav’ trend, and you can buy Prada caps for a tenner on eBay. Hideous!! I will have to get hold of my French friend Isabelle, the Style Queen, and ask her to find something appropriately poser-like, but NOT Chav-like.

Main interesting event – a great big RAT ran through the garden! OMG! What is this year like? Enough already! Cancer, Prada is becoming Chav and now rats!? How outlandish.

Hardly any pain today though, I am now down to one pain killer, which I take before I go to bed, as it makes me really sleepy. Most of the stitches have fallen out, so not much scabby stuff left. Still can’t wear jeans and things, as it’s irritating in a sort of ‘the hole where your tooth just came out of’ way; sensitive to fabric. And I didn’t need to have a nap today either, as I’m not so tired. I’m definitely improving every day now – and the scar will be so thin, after a while I am sure it’ll be barely noticeable. Good job I didn’t chuck my bikinis out. I shall start slapping on the Fabulous Organic Rosehip Seed Oil from Neal’s Yard as soon as it’s completely healed. Supposed to be brilliant for reducing scarring. We will see. Oh, and thank you Mr Renninson for taking sewing lessons seriously! Lovely man.

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