Saturday, 15 March 2008

step 02: see the GP

Monday 21st January:
Arrived back from Portugal, raced off to the appointment with the GP – my usual GP wasn’t there, so I saw a very helpful woman instead – she booked me in for an ultra sound scan at the Women’s Health Centre, RD&E in Exeter, in a week and a half’s time. At this point the lump in my groin was still about 5cm. No cause for alarm!! No other side effects, apart from a bloated tummy and some extreme tiredness before I had a period. My periods got longer, about 8 days, with only about 2 weeks in between – but I thought nothing of this as they have always been heavy and erratic and very irritating. Again, I blamed all the travelling.

Thinking back [isn’t hind sight fantastically clear? grr], I had been complaining about having a bloated tummy from about October onward, but with all the travelling it seemed a side effect of that. One other thing, I had been putting on weight, whether it was to do with this or not I am not sure, but I was starting to feel rather like a Puffer fish! A tired and lumpy Puffer fish to boot. So, now to wait for the ultra sound.

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