Saturday, 15 March 2008

step 01: how it started...

2007 - 2008.
Some time in December 2007:

I was working away from home in Portugal and I felt pretty bloated all the time. Usually I have a really flat belly [it’s just luck! I don’t actually do any exercise or anything frightful like that]. I ignored it [as you do] thinking it would go away.

Then we went to the Gambia for 2 weeks over Christmas, and I started to feel really bloated, plus I found a 5cm lump in the lower right side of my groin. You notice this a LOT in your bikini! But I still thought it was just a glitch from travelling - odd water, odd food.

But then January 2008, while I was again working in Portugal, the lump started to bother me, as it hadn't gone away, and I was feeling very tired at strange times. So I called home to arrange a doctors appointment asap when I got back, as it seemed a bit odd. Plus I was exhausted a lot, so I thought it would be a good idea to see the GP anyway.

I thought the lump might be from having that projectile vomiting bug at Christmas...that was fun... [plus we were in the Gambia, so could have been anything!] – maybe a hernia? Hmm. Anyway, wasn’t that bothered at the time, as I’d been travelling on and off almost non-stop for about 6 weeks, and you sort of expect to have a bit of an iffy tummy.

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