Saturday, 15 March 2008

step 03. still calm at this point!

Wednesday 30th January:
Hoorah! At long last the day arrives. Off to the RD&E for the sound scan thing.
The 5cm lump had now become about 10cm, and I was getting a bit worried. Dr Ali, a registrar of Mr Renninson, did the ultra sound scan. Oh goody, I could look at the Alien Life Form on the TV. Fantastic. NOT! Lovely friendly nurse there to hold my hand and talk to me, I think this is so that you don’t run off shrieking when you see the TV image.

Packed myself back into my clothes, and Dr Ali then informed us [yep, my darling husband Aj was there, being very cool and asking things that I forgot about] that the ‘cyst’ [aha – now we know what it is – good show] was about 11cm, and it looked as if it may be malignant. But that he couldn’t really say, as that’s impossible to know until the mass [oh yes, there are all sorts of names for these things – cyst, mass, blah] had been biopsied. This can only happen AFTER it’s been removed.

So, ok, when can you remove it please? Hmm – well, you have to have a CAT scan. You will receive an appointment. Go away, and don’t worry. Right. Sure. I have a lump that’s doubled in size in ten days, looks malignant but I shouldn’t worry? Ha! Of course...well, I laugh in your face...
But joking aside, I was given an appointment for three weeks hence to have the CAT scan. Off we went for more waiting.

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  1. as a mAtter of interest - this man should NEVER have told me he 'thought it was malignant'. He was not qualified to make this statement from the sound scan.

    I absolutely refuse to deal with Registrars in any way shape or form now.


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