Saturday, 15 March 2008

step 04: action

Thursday 7th February:
Right – waiting, waiting. This is not good for my head – I am very impatient. I understand that there are probably lots of people who need attention more urgently then I do. Of course. But as the small lump was now becoming the LARGE lump, I was starting to be rather unconcerned about everyone else’s problems, and rather obsessed with my own.

By this point the ‘Alien Life Form’ [henceforth known as ALF as I can never decide if it’s a lump, a cyst or a mass – so I give up] was a topic of conversation amongst my girlfriends, who were all a bit amazed. Me too. Then after a few days the ALF grown to about 20cm and my belly was hard as a rock. Sorry other people, but panic set in, and I was off to the GP’s again in ‘DO NOT MESS WITH MY HEAD’ mode!

My GP was fantastic. I want to have T-shirts made with his face on them. Dr Bradley for President. Dr Bradley for Prime Minister. He did an external exam, decided that he didn’t need to do an internal one [for obvious reasons], and got straight on the phone to the hospital. Much ‘doctor speak’, lots of frantic typing and by that evening I was in a bed in the Wynard Ward, waiting for a slot to be available for the CAT scan to be done as fast as possible. Managed to race around the house with the hoover before I packed my little bag and taxied off to the hospital, as I had images of never coming out again in my, by now, spinning head.

Unfortunately they couldn’t fit me in on the Friday as hoped for, so I went home in the afternoon, but clutching an appointment for Monday morning in my sticky little hand. Phew. Relief. Everyone in there was so understanding, I now felt in good hands, and that some action was being taken.

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