Saturday, 15 March 2008

step 05: CAT scan

Monday 11th February:
CT scan [CAT scan] day. Good grief. What is this? I didn’t like this much at all. The day seems a big blur in my head. Arrived at 8.30, early. Went onto the Ward again, and got kitted out in the snazzy hospital gown. Whoever designed them, I hope they have to wear nylon trousers and a parka in the desert for a long, long time. Bad enough you’re ill, scared and like a fish out of water in there, but you have to look like a bin bag as well?? Most unpleasant.

Blood pressure taken, blood taken [I think it’s mandatory for your blood to be taken the minute you go near a ward?], urine sample given, Nintendo played whilst waiting. Very useful machine that - headphones and a Nintendo keep you thoughtless & mindless for hours at a time! Anyone who goes through this, make sure you have mindless entertainment in your handbag at all times. There’s lots of waiting, and even though everyone is doing their best to get you through quickly it can be very frustrating.

Cannula inserted in the back of the hand - oh ouch! I hate those. But I assumed it would be useful to someone at some point. Grinned and bore it. Grin probably looked like a rictus, as that’s the one thing that always seems to hurt. No flesh on the back of your hands to stick it into.

Off to the scanning place - in a wheelchair?!! I felt like a right fraud! Anyway, the lovely chap who pushed me there parked me in the corridor, logged me in and disappeared. Sat there in a line of wheelchairs and beds on wheels, having a nice chat with a very elderly gent behind me.

Eventually went in for the scan. I expected that tunnel thing, but this was a big ring, and you lie on a bed and move through it. Much better - no claustrophobia. The machine tells you to hold your breath, it’s not for too long and then in you go, then it tells you to stop holding your breath. That’s at about the point you are thinking: ‘help, help, no more breath left!’. Out the other side again – this happens a few times. Then along comes the radiologist [is that what they’re called? whatever] out of her little glass booth and puts some kind of dye into you through the cannula. Aaargh!! That was horrible - you can feel it racing around your body like fire, and [this was weird!] you feel like it’s quite possible that you’ve wet yourself! Of course you haven’t, but the sensation is very odd. Not something I’d like to repeat.

Out again, and off you go. Back to the ward and Home James. Come back on Wednesday to discuss the results. Ok!

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