Wednesday, 19 March 2008

19. insurance companies? disgusting people...

Wednesday 19th March:
Woke up this morning feeling really grumpy – I keep waking up at 3.00 and 4.00 in the morning - it’s freezing cold here in the UK and me, I have a personal heat wave! Lucky me... I don’t mind the heat so much as the perspiring – it makes for more housework that I can’t do myself, so it’s a bit frustrating. Might have to sleep in the bath?? Apparently this is a ‘hot flash’ – flash?? Hah. Who comes up with these idiotic names? Anyway, back to the reason I decided to do an update today.

The day didn’t improve at all. That’ll teach me to be grouchy in the first place. First I still haven’t been paid by the people I work for. Great, just what I need right now, a ‘chase me for money’ scenario. Grr. Second, the car cost about £1000 for the service repairs. As usual everything is going wrong at once. Hmm. Pass the wine, pass the wine [oh, of course, THAT’S gone up too! Thank you the government]...oops, can’t yet, it’s only lunchtime. Oh well, later then, after I have a good old bitch here. This is like self help; free therapy!

Lastly, [for today anyway!] I have discovered [well, Aj discovered it actually] that it seems to be acceptable for people to abuse you if you have cancer, or have had cancer. They wait for you to be down and then...YES! Kick you! For my job, I have to travel on a regular basis. Therefore I have annual travel insurance. It seems that once you have cancer [or ‘have had’ it - let me stress this past tense here!], you are a pariah. God forbid, but the insurance companies might have to PAY some money out if you are taken ill somewhere. How confusing for them.

It seems that they either refuse to cover you or the cost is really extortionate. So now we will have to do a major investigation into insurances - we will have to go through ALL our insurance covers etc and check that I am still covered and various other details. What fun. Bad enough to have this to deal with, and then you have to deal with petty squabbles from insurance companies as well? What’s that all about?? This really, really upset me actually - I was so shocked that anyone would want to add to my existing problems that I just lost the plot. Took about an hour to calm down - I suppose it''s just another thing I'll have to get used to.

One good thing happened at the last minute! Someone saw my post on the Ovacome site, and got in touch offering support. She’s already been there, done it and got the T-shirt. Had ovarian and endometrial cancer, went through the chemo and radiotherapy, and a year down the road she is ok – so now I have someone else to ask a million questions of, and it’s touching that she was kind enough to contact me. So the day was not a total loss after all! Whoopee!

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