Sunday, 16 March 2008

step 11: the day after surgery

Tuesday 4th March:
Had an interesting night waking up and falling asleep at least 25 times, mostly wondering where on earth I was. Lots of blood pressure checking happening.

By the way, we have a superb wing here in Exeter hospital for this stuff – I had my own room, with my own bathroom as well – can’t imagine I would have got better treatment even if I’d been a private patient. So I had lots of privacy. This was good, as I had already decided I didn’t think much of the catheter, and I had best get cracking in the ‘walking around’ department as fast as possible. The catheter wasn’t painful at all, just too strange, and each thing you can get rid of seems like it will be a step toward getting back to normal.

So, first, DRINK! Water by the gallon, down the hatch through a straw – hooray, no nausea. I think one of the nurses commented that I was ‘peeing for England’ [nurses are not scared to speak their minds that’s for sure – love them!!]. Managed to eat something as well – can’t remember what it was at all. This day is a blur in my mind.

Aj came to visit and that was about that.

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