Sunday, 16 March 2008

step 07: the pre-op clinic

Thursday 28th February:
Attend the pre-op clinic with Aj. Hours spent here. The car parking people must make a fortune out of everyone else’s misfortune! Beasts.

First had MORE blood removed, then waiting. Then urine sample again [she just caught me in time, or she wouldn’t have got one at all – was busting as usual! all that pressure in there is no joke] then more waiting. Then blood pressure, weighed and measured [I am fatter AND taller than I thought – what a day...].Then saw John Renninson with Aj – he was brilliant – explained everything. Both of us had opportunity to ask questions and he was very patient. I took a list of questions with me and filled in the answers as we went along – some were rather foolish [too much info from the internet!!], but now he’s explained all of them, so quite a few things I was worried about I can cross out completely. Phew. Gail, the Clinical Nurse Specialist [there are two of these, the other one is called Jackie] explained further. Went directly to the pub after and did some chilling out before calling the family.

It’s a good idea to take a list with you when you go to these appointments. Even just a paper and pen, so you can write down what they tell you. The surgeon won’t care what you do as long as you don’t actually attack him, and whatever he tells you goes in one ear and out the other at the time, so it’s good to have it to refer to later when the brain has finished panicking.

The Clinical Nurse Specialists are at your disposal too – you can call them whenever you like to ask questions, and they are SO kind, and very helpful. Mines of information and they’re NORMAL!! Not as scary as the specialists/doctors. I think it makes it easier that they’re women as well – at least you know that they understand where you’re coming from, like me worrying stupidly about what the scar is going to look like? But silly things aren’t so silly really, every little thing adds up to a big one, so the more information I can get, the easier it is for me to cope. But not everyone’s like that, so you have to deal with it all your own way. But at east you know if you do have a query, every single thing you ask is taken seriously, and nothing is too silly to worry about or ask about.

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  1. Some specialist doctors seem avid to try things on us. Hasn't anyone done this to you? Haven't you take that yet? We can't just leave you without any kind of treatment, something has to be done! By that time I felt they were gonna cut me in pieces just to find out what could be done. It was as if I were a guinea pig being tested!


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