Saturday, 22 March 2008

22. P.S.: questions for the oncologist

Still Saturday 22 March
P.S.: Working on a big list of questions for the oncologist on Tuesday, so far it goes as follows:

    *what type of ovarian cancer did/do I have [Serous / Mucinous etc]
    *what stage am I
    *Stage ?? is:
    *what grade am I
    *Grade ?? is:
    *How successful is chemotherapy for my type of cancer
    *What is the aim of the chemotherapy
    *What are the benefits of this chemotherapy
    *What drug or drugs will I take. Will I have just one drug or a combination
    *What are the side effects
    *What will my treatment involve
    *Where will it be given
    *Through a drip or a central line
    *How long will my treatment last / how long will I be in each time
    *Are there any other drugs that could be used that you have not told me about
    *Will I have any other treatment for my cancer along with the chemotherapy
    *Lower resistance to infection for some months after chemotherapy has finished. How many is ‘some’?
    *What about radiotherapy
    *Can I have immunisations
    *Can I drink alcohol while I am having chemotherapy
    *What about sunbathing / sitting in the sun
    *Can I travel by air while I am having chemo [need a letter if not]
    *What about wigs

I leave a big gap so I can fill in the answers, then peruse it at my leisure later - I can never remember anything they tell me, so this is a good plan. Fantastic this blogging thing - I can waffle on willy nilly and nobody can stop me! Yippee!

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