Sunday, 16 March 2008

step 12: planning my escape...

Wednesday 5th March:
Discovered today that he removed both ovaries, the womb, the tubes and the omentum. The cyst had leaked onto the bowel and into the omentum, so out it came. Good. Bye bye. Luckily it hadn’t gone INTO the bowel or anywhere else that they could see. According to the anaesthetist & the other surgeon [can’t recall his name – he worked with Mr Renninson], it looked quite horrible. Well, it can look how it likes now, as I am shot of it. He didn’t need to remove the lymph nodes either.

Of course, as I was drinking all this water and eating things [still can’t remember what things! I know Mum brought lovely grapes and had a very nice bag with her], that meant I could take pain meds orally, so I got shot of the epidural - it appears to have been stuck onto my back with tape. The tape left an amusing itchy rash - yay, please, I need more aggravation! Bah. Anyway, that was minor. Got it out, and that was great. IV out too! Both the cannulas in my hand had to remain. Yuck. But too bad. The nurses [perpetually cheery lot that they are] decided I could have a bed bath. I decided that I would have no such thing, and was allowed to wash myself after they hauled me out of bed and into a chair. I had a go at washing, but decided that it was all a bit much, and it was a bit cursory to say the least. But I did feel better for it. Hauled back into bed - you start to feel like a bag of potatoes after a bit.

Hooray, a day full of achievements - I was feeling quite chuffed with myself until I tried to walk.

Aj arrived for visiting hours, and I tried to trundle along behind him, hanging onto his back pockets - I made about a metre and felt delirious. Back to bed, feeling rather hot and exhausted. Thankfully Jackie [the other Clinical Nurse Specialist] was with us at the time, and she told me to just try again in an hours time. So I did, and viola!! Managed to remain upright, and go forwards a little on my own. By the time Aj was going to have to leave, I’d had the catheter removed and could totter to the toilet and back with the aid of the walls, door handles and the handily placed basin. Marvellous. Progress. Slept much better that night, though still woke up every few hours. Hospital is not a place to sleep that’s for sure.

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