Tuesday, 18 March 2008

step 14: the great escape

Friday 7th March:
Ok – time to go home today. Went to the loo at last! I asked the nurse to change the dressing before I left, as I had visions of things going on under the bandage that would only come to light the minute I left the hospital. So it was duly changed and I was asked if I’d like to leave the dressing off. I took one look at it and said no. Absolutely not thanks! Really would rather have it covered up for now, until I get used to having a great big slash down the middle of my once nice flat brown belly! Sorry, but yuck! Nothing like having ones head in the sand – if I can’t see it, it’s not there. For the moment.

Also, I didn’t much like the look of it, as my stomach is still swollen on one side, and flat on the other. Foolishly, I expected it to be flat, but as there had been so much rummaging around going on in there, I think it’s going to be a while before it looks normal again.

The wound is healing really well apparently, and I will be able to take the dressing off on Monday. Ok, sounds good to me. At least it’ll be covered up for the weekend. Had a few more blood pressure checks etc. The physiotherapist came round again to make sure I understand how to do the exercises. Great – got rid of the white knee highs too! Aj collected me after work, arrived early thank goodness, as I’d been sitting about in my clothes for hours in anticipation, and I kept falling asleep in the chair.

Hooray! Home at last, armed to the teeth with painkillers and good advice – now for some sleep.

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