Tuesday, 22 July 2008

good grief...

Tuesday 22nd July

What a day!! After yesterday, I should’ve known. Bad start to the week. Same as last time, the chemo was delayed - seems we have new people working in the pharmacy, and actually they don’t know what they are doing. I was there today from 9.00am to 6.00pm - I drove up in the morning expecting to be there until about 4.15pm and able to drive home. Expecting to be able to come home and do some work today - well, not a scenario. Andrew had to come up on the bike and load it into the car and drive me back. I would deffo have squashed someone...

I am not sure what happens in the pharmacy, and as I have said before, better for them to take longer and get it right. BUT, they don’t have to sit around for 9 hours, unable to do anything except behave like a drongo...not too impressed with them right now.

Had an appointment to see Dr Hong at 10.15 - ha!! No-one knew I was there so I actually saw her at 10.45. More delay. Freezing cold by this point, as the area where you wait is large and open – and COLD! Apparently today it was hot and sunny everywhere apart from here – quite good for us, as the windows don’t open more than 3 inches [Government rules. Wonder what happens if one of THEM had to be in this boiling box all day??]

Dr Hong said that now I need to ‘get on with my life’. Ok. No worries, I will try. The CA-125 was up this time, last time it was 7, this time it was 9 - made me feel sick, but she said that this is fine as 0 – 35 is the norm [she was quite insistent about this], so I am still low. And as it started at 1149, I am doing pretty well! So now to wait for the 3 month check. More details tomorrow.

I am going to try and do a day by day thing for this last one – apparently it’ll be the worst, so lets do it!

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