Monday, 21 July 2008

the Day of the Wombat...!

Wednesday 13th July

so, today a million messages from friends for some reason [thanks everyone!!] - and the most hilarious thing – I got a Wombat in the post!! A big box arrived, and inside was a great big fluffy Wombat – and how cool is that?? Plus some photos for friends are totally mad - great or what?? I think it’s the sun in Australia - makes the brain a big confusion...they are all crazy...

The other mad person is my Mum, plus obviously my Dad [so that makes two more mad people - what am I like?? mad friends AND mad parents??], who conspired to send me more Planalto which will arrive next week! Well I never - cheers ! Now we will drink the rest of the existing bottles, in order not to be over stocked here...frightful thought!

I am mainly totally shattered at the moment - working at strange hours, and wondering how long it’ll take after the last cycle to get back to normal again. No, I will not be back to normal 3 weeks after the last chemo, this is a given, but I can hope right?

Well, this is really to say thanks to everyone [the madder the better] for all the good wishes for Tuesday - cheers amigos - I know that all these good thoughts and prayers do help! And of course I will have Clarinha here for almost a week afterwards - so good to look forward to seeing my friend, even though I don’t look forward to her actually seeing me...

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