Tuesday, 1 July 2008

second last one and interesting things about ones Notes

Tuesday 1st July

Today was the 5th of 6 chemo cycles. Arrived at 8.00am, and left at 3.30pm – this was due to some complication down in the lab, and they didn’t send the chemo up for hours, so we were all delayed. Poor nurses – so apologetic. But better late and right, than rushed and wrong.

Saw the doctor about the swelling hands/feet, weight gain, the insomnia [non working Temazepam] and the eye problem. He said not to worry about either the weight gain, as it’s the steroids, the swelling hands and feet as it’s water retention and normal for chemo and the heat is exacerbating it, take two of the Temazepam and that will probably do the trick to get one nights sleep [ee – imagine!] and he gave me some eye drops for my eyes. Right, so off we go.

Today I had to remove all my rings, but I have managed to get my wedding ring back on this evening. Probably because it’s cooler – that is, it’s POURING down again! Bah – but at least it was a good sunny day at Wimbledon for Mum and Aj.

A very interesting thing happened today. My notes were left open on my table, and as I am insatiably curious, I decided as they ARE actually my notes, I would have a read. Wow – fascinating. But half way through the nurse confiscated them, as apparently you are not allowed to read your OWN notes!! You have to ask permission and a doctor has to be present – I think that’s in case you go bonkers reading all the horrible stuff that’s in there. But by now you will know what I’m like – I want my notes – all of them! So I am going to ask Dr Hong for a copy.

I would be quite put out to have to have a doctor present while I read them, as A: it’s a total waste of the doctors time, and B: I have wanted ALL the information available all the way through, and I still do. It’s not like I am going to find out anything ne, just the proper details, which I don’t think will drive me to derangement. Nothing in my notes can change the result of everything that’s happened. As said the Camel: 'Humph!' . And I say, gimme my notes. They give a far clearer understanding of exactly what has happened – one of the interesting little factoids being that my CA-125 was already at around [from memory] 556 in January. Interesting...

Oh, bloods were really good this week! Amazing, I am sure it’s my lucky ‘Hideous Shoes’ that I wore. Ta Jacket!





[before the initial surgery]



[before the first session of chemo]



[before the 2nd session of chemo]



[before the 3rd session of chemo]



[they didn’t do the test]



[before this 5th session of chemo]

Anyway, arrived home in a taxi - £10.00! But better than trying to catch 2 buses and waiting around in town for hours. I am always a bit manic directly after the chemo, so I have been frenziedly getting up to speed on things, but I am now rapidly sinking into Sleepy Head Mode. Felt a tad nauseous after I took today’s steroid, so I now having a wee glass of some scrummy red wine whilst it still tastes good, and shall be trundling off to bed directly.

So, not a bad day, just to get through the next 3 weeks, then I am at the last one. And of course I have Mum and Dad’s Planalto to enjoy once the chemo mouth has gone back to wherever it comes from...whoo hoo!

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