Thursday, 31 July 2008

what happens on the last one...cont.

Thursday 31st July

Up until today, the usual stuff, more exhausted than normal, but hey, who cares? Next week I will be on the up and up! Also more nauseous than usual, but I am now a Drinker of Tea. Both Ginger tea and Peppermint tea help, so that’s another thing down. Horrible horrible pain in my hands, which for a few days was very worrying, and made it very difficult to use the keyboard. At one point I was using a pen to press each key one by one...a bird’s eye view of that would have been very amusing. But it’s getting less too – and it’s the LAST time I have to feel as if I have had them run over by a combine harvester. Having a brilliant time apart from that, as I know I am almost at the end of this part of the proceedings.

Also, good friends arrived – one from South Africa whom I haven’t seen for about 19 years [shriek! That is SO bad], but it was as if we saw each other yesterday. Amazing, and such a lovely thing to happen right now. Had a great lunch together, and as always her ready laugh was a delight – I’d forgotten how cheery Ferra is. And of course my Clara friend from Portugal is here right now! We now have another two bottles of Planalto in the wine rack! Donated by the friends who couldn’t come - thanks thanks thanks! It could have been a packet of potato crisps, the thought is so kind. Between Mum and Dad and my friends in Portugal...well, I might open a wine bar? No. Then I’d have to share. Not likely!!

Constant rain isn't helping with the horrible joint pain, and I am now obsessed with going on a holiday - all my friends are off to France and other warm places for August, and I am stuck here until the end of September. Buy at least it’s something to look forward to. A week of NO computer, NO work, NO hassle...bliss. We were working it out and the only time I have had 'off' this year has been for the surgery and the chemo - a pretty pathetic way to run my existence I think. Note to self: get a life.

Keeping these short, as my hands are not impressed and my eyes feel like they are filled with sand - too tired to move... One more day of this DONE! yay!

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