Friday, 1 August 2008

what happens on the last one...and a DAY OFF at last!

Friday 1st August

Amazing! It’s already August!! I can’t believe it really - all this year has seemed to be divided up into 3 week sections - go for chemo, spend 2 weeks wondering what new and interesting stupid thing my body will do in revolt, spend one week feeling better, then off to be nuked again! So now it’s s little bit weird, as I am just waiting to feel better - quite odd. Suddenly the year seems to have sped by at a rate of knots and I am now able to get my head around other people saying ‘well, that was quick’. It seems it now. But it didn’t before that’s for sure. So this is a good thing, as less people are at risk of being slapped round the ear for making facile remarks quite without realising the effect it has on me. Violence has been avoided! Hoorah!

Next division of time is the 3 month version, and as I am pretty much an air head at the moment [I do think I’ll colour my new hair blonde heh heh...ok, girls, just a joke!] I shall probably forget that it’s THREE whole months away anyway. Some days I wonder if my head wasn’t actually joined on I’d have left it somewhere. Quite likely. But hopefully the chemo brain effect wears off sooner rather than later [this can take months? oops] – I have more lists of things than a Mad List Collector. It will be nice to be able to have just ONE.

Bad things:
Still have joint pain - when will this go away? I mean really, it’s getting a bit tedious now.
Exhausted still - even after sleeping last night for the ENTIRE night!! OMG! A miracle...woke at 5.00 am and was amazed. So, hope on the horizon for being able to sleep again - might be Clara’s good influence, as she is rather like a dormouse, and slept all day yesterday while I got some work done. Great - it appears to be rubbing off on me!

Good things:
I have Clara here - the rain has finally stopped for the day and the BEST THING: I have a DAY OFF!!! I am quite confused as to what to do with an entire day to myself – a day off? well I never. Three days in a row, all to myself, to do what I like. Brilliant [priceless??]

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