Saturday, 9 August 2008

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Saturday 9th August

I forgot to mention some odd things - one being that every time I even bump myself slightly I get a wound or a bruise - the wounds, no matter how small, take an age to heal and bleed all the time and I am like Michael Jackson, plasters all over my fingers! I have a spray can of iodine which seems a good plan - all I need is an infection anywhere. And a good thing is I am helping to keep the Elastoplast company solvent.

Another being that my skin is SO dry - amazing. So I am also helping Nivea out [it’s the greasiest cream I can find that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg]. Maybe I should go into advertising? "YES!! Nivea is very good for chemo skin! And Elastoplast is fabulous with your Jimmy Choo shoes and Prada bag - such coordinating colours!!"...heh heh

I now have NO eyebrows, and about 2 eyelashes. I am hoping they start to grow next week [having a big mental about this - as in; thinking of them growing and they might grow faster?]. Booked myself in at Force for an Indian Head massage too - I reckon the old hair needs a bit of help, and that should be good - get the circulation going in my scalp anyway. Never had one, so it’ll be an experience! Unfortunately you can’t make an appointment, so I will have to try and sort Andrew a slot while I am there - working 6 days a week makes it very awkward for him to do anything and I think it’d be really good for his little head. Next one is reflexology! Although I can’t imagine anyone wanting to touch my horrid feet.

I am starting to feel much better all round - still odd pains etc but maybe I would have had them anyway? Next week I am seeing the Personal Trainer [ee - ogre?] OMG!! I will have to MOVE! Eek! Exercise...NOT my favourite thing, but needs must, as I have no stamina, one stone extra on my butt and anyway, it will help to be sure the cancer doesn’t return. Exercise and ginger tea! Here we go here we go....

The tiredness hasn’t stopped, but I think because I am feeling generally better in myself, it’s easier to 'manage'. Probably doesn’t help that I never sleep more than 2 hours straight at night. I think that’d make anyone tired. Waiting to see how the hot flashes go over the next 3 months, then if I am still having this 'awake all night' thing, I shall ask Dr Hong about some kind of DRUG [yeah! drugs...fab] to help it. I am hoping that once the chemo is out of my system things may chill out a bit [oo - bad pun. sorry!]. Plus it may help if I can get a bit fitter. I shall let you know about that.

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  1. Don't worry! Your eyelashes and eyebrows will be back quickly!

    Mine didn't completely fall out until the end of that treatment, and I missed the eyelashes the most.

    I had a real problem with insomnia too. I took a melatonin supplement at night, and it helped.

    It sounds like you are doing great! Good luck with the trainer. I have put on weight too during this whole stupid thing - argh! :)


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