Saturday, 30 August 2008

what happens after the last work work...

Saturday 30th August

SO!! Major Event! I can see my eyebrows!! Tiny little hairs growing in now, so that makes me feel a bit better about eyelashes [oh, and hair] - hideous having none! A month is not too bad to wait though. The girls have told me that’s about how long it takes. So! Hope mine grow back that quick.

whaaa! Tomorrow I have to go to Portugal now for work - usually I wouldn’t think twice about this – I’ve always gone approximately every two or three weeks for a fortnights work. But this time is different - oh, obviously! [one thing being this is the MINIMUM time from when I had the last chemo, to when I should travel] I can’t decide if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. Either way – I have to go. So! Letters for passport control in both English and Portuguese, explaining why I don’t look at all like my passport photo – I hope they believe them!! Or I will be trundling home again...goodbye small terrorist!

The whole travelling thing is doing my head in a bit- passport control being the least of it really. I think you find a 'comfort zone' when you are ill like this – and leaving that zone is quite scary. For instance, here I can start work at 5.30am. BUT... I am in my pajamas, and don’t get out of them until lunch time, when I need to sleep – can’t exactly tootle off to work like that in Portugal can I? Agh – bah and humbug.

BUT saying that – my friends there are going to take care of me, so, so what eh? We will see how it goes

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  1. I hope that your travels go well! It is hard to leave that comfort zone, but it also feels good to get back fully into the swing of work.

    Congratulations on the eyebrows! I was so happy to see mine come back - but they are not a full as they used to be. Oh well, eyebrow pencils help fill in the thinner sections :)


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