Wednesday, 20 August 2008

what happens on the last one...on and on...

Saturday 16th August

well. I’m sorry to leave it so long between blogs. For you, the reader, perhaps not too good. For me, the writer, quite good! The longer I am between posts, that means the better I am feeling and the less dramas are going on. I sort of use the blog as my therapy so if I disappear, that’s good for me.

But anyway, since the last blog I haven’t achieved much - I still have a big hole in my tooth [bits keep falling off! gross...], which I am terrified to get sorted for a number of reasons - one being I am terrified of dentists full stop. Two being I am concerned about the immune system, as Dr Hong said to go 4 weeks minimum [!] after the 3rd week after the last chemo cycle. So, avoiding the dentist, and eating on one side for now. Hmm - interesting, as I keep imagining the entire tooth collapsing. Quite possible.

My friend is stressing my head slightly, as she is so worried about everything [she had OC plus lots of additional BS]. I worry a lot about her. Not because I don’t think she can’t cope [although she doesn’t think she can - that’s nonsense, as she CAN] but I wonder to myself - how much does a positive attitude count? For me, it’s the Be All and End All. Is this a good thing? Or not? Can you really beat something you can’t see with the strength of your personality? I tell you what – if you can, I will beat it.

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