Monday, 11 August 2008

what happens on the last one...hahahaha!! HAIR!!

Monday 11th August

So, remember that I shaved my head last Friday? Well, I have stubble all ready!! Even Aj can feel it, so it’s real!! Hair growing!! Fantastic. So it’s growing on my head at any rate – before this cancer/chemo stuff [back in the 'Land of Normality' - or is this normality?? who knows...] my hair used to grow at about a 1½ centimetres a month - cost me a fortune in hairdressers bills...NOW I am hoping it does the same thing again, and "hello hairdresser...gimme a tab!!" ...I have always hated going to the hairdressers. A bit like the dentists - torture. Now, I can’t wait to go - hopefully it’ll be in Portugal, where my favourite hairdressers is, Romy, she is the best, plus she does the best job! Hmm - hopefully she can deal with hair that’s 1cm long [short?] heh heh

Today; midday I went to lunch with Aj and shopping for shoes – always good therapy! Shoes...aaah, they are fantastic. Bought some Patent Leather wedgies in the sales - excellent. Started the day at 5.30am...technical data - aaargh! Then chopped half the garden down and then got sorted [i.e.; bath blah - no make-up as no eyebrows or lashes, makes things tad complicated] and collapsed in the afternoon exhausted. But a great day!! Can't wait for this exhausted thing to go away...

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