Wednesday, 2 July 2008

first day after – insomnia, nausea [yuck] and nice things!

Wednesday 2nd July

Could not get to sleep at all last night – read a book until 2.00 then finally managed to go to sleep – unfortunately I woke at 5.30! Hideous – started work at 6.30, as I knew I’d be in collapse mode by lunchtime, and I was right – had 2 hours sleep in the middle of the day. Felt pretty sick all day, and ate loads of trash! All of it tasted vile, so I am not sure why I bothered?

Weird thing that happened – more bits of stitch coming out of the bottom of the scar – not very impressed with dissolving stitches in this house I’m afraid.

First nice thing today, a call from my Style Queen!

Second nice thing today; flowers from my Clarinha! With a beautiful message [Actually I don’t know how they managed to fit it on the little card!]. A celebration bouquet, as I am at the 5th chemo – so typical of Clara to think like that. Thanks sweetie!! They smell divine, and they are all my favourites [how did you do that??] – Peonies, Gerberas, Phlox...gorgeous! And so frivolous. They are next to me on my desk. So nice to be treasured...

And I had a visit from a local celebrity this evening, that was fun! And I managed to look quite normal. Judy Spiers from BBC Radio. She’s SO cool! She was collecting tiles from Andrew for her bathroom, but Andrew was delayed so I had a chance to have a chat with her – what a lovely, friendly woman – loved her, and she really cheered me up too. AND she is getting her personal trainer to call me, as I have decided the best plan is to sort myself out AFTER the chemo, and a bit of beasting from a trainer will help me a lot, as I am a generally lazy oaf and need a good push to get me started. Then join the group once I am on my feet. It is a proven fact that if your fitness levels are higher, your immune system works more efficiently, and as that can help prevent a return of the cancer [which one always has to consider], I am all for that. Bang goes my Christmas money, but a good plan I think.

Opened a bottle of the Planalto this evening as a treat, and it still tastes pretty good! But I am saving the rest for next week – better to have a red wine now while my mouth is in chemo country, as it is easier on the palate and also it is better for the nausea – but I just couldn’t resist! So many gifts from family and friends – thanks, every little thing means a lot!

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