Monday, 21 July 2008

last but not least...

Monday 21st July

This morning was fun - went for the blood tests and I think the nurse was having a slightly bonkers day, as she accidentally knocked the pump off the needle - this was after struggling to find a vein in the first place, and it being pretty painful getting the needle in. So I now have a bruise the size of a Jaffa cake on my left arm, and can’t bend it properly. Then she had to get the rest of the blood out of the right arm - aaargh. So I came home and collapsed into tears in the kitchen, as I was suddenly totally exhausted and it seemed a bit much to be stabbed and drained, then have to do loads of work, as all I wanted to do was sleep! But, better to work, and I got it all done, so I have that sense of achievement. Also means I don’t have to worry about work tomorrow.

Tomorrow's the last chemo we hope! Bit scary, as I have gotten used to being 'looked after', and it seems frightening to think I have to wait three months before finding out if everything is ok [then another 3 months and so on and so forth...bwaaa] but also fantastic, because in four weeks time I will be able to start thinking about getting back to 'normal'. Hooray. At last; it seems to have taken an aeon to get to this point.

Three more weeks of revolting chemo side effects, then that’s it I hope – how odd. How nice!

Just to say thanks again to everyone for all the messages again today [and the book!] - and I am now off to have my last glass of Planalto for a week or two, as I know that after tomorrow the only wine I drink is strictly medicinal for a while - not wasting Planalto on that! As it tastes terrible no matter what, cheap red plonk does the job!


  1. Yippeee!! The last chemo!!

    Here's hoping your hair grows back as fast as mine did :)


  2. yep - yippee! and worrysome too, but I am sure I'll get over that bit.

    how quick did your hair grow back? I can't WAIT! :o)


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