Tuesday, 22 July 2008

what happens on the last one...

Tuesday 22nd July

Bad things:
Already have nausea and chemo mouth – usually this is the second day – eish!! That was quick

Exhausted already - usually I am pretty energetic and can work when I get back the first day. Not today.

Hot flashes already – yippee. Can’t wait to try to sleep tonight...not. I guarantee it’ll be an hourly wake up...we will see

Good things:
Every thing that happens now, will be the last time it happens!


  1. I hope that you are feeling better today:) My hair started growing back about a month after my last carbo/taxol treatment. My last treatment was the end of December, and I had enough hair to feel comfortable without a scarf by May.

    If you don't mind my suggesting - if your CA125 goes up again (even if it is in normal range), ask for a scan. My gyne/onc said that CA125's can fluctuate a bit - but if they keep steadily going up (as mine did throughout my first carbo/taxol treatment), then you should error on the side of caution, and check it out! Mine was in normal range the whole time that I was having a recurrence. BUT the number kept increasing every single time. If your number goes back down, it was probably just a glitch. I don't want to worry you at all - but I just want to offer my experience! Your number is much lower than mine ever was though. Mine was in the 300's before surgery, 19 after surgery, then crept steadily upwards two or three points at at time, throughout the six treatments of chemo :(

    I hope that when you are feeling better, you do something fun to celebrate the completion of this portion of your life! You made it through a very rough patch, and did it quite elegantly. :)

  2. ooo - seems a long time to wait for hair! perhaps I'll put compost on my head! ;o]

    My CA 125 was around 1450 before surgery, so at the moment, I am happy with it - but I did think along the same lines - after the 3 monthly check ups change to 6 monthly, I shall ask for a blood test in the 3 month part - just for the sake of sanity! And I agree - I will ask for a scan if they do have a constant upward trend. All advice is welcome, I think we all help each other a lot. Thanks!

    Oh, and I reckon you have been doing rather elegantly too my girl – my favourite thing of yours is you always refer to your husband [and aren’t they amazing??] as ‘your favourite’ husband – makes me think you must have a few more hidden in a cupboard? makes me chuckle

    how DO we keep our sense of humour? Hope you are on the onward and upward too! How are the feet? I have to start travelling for business again in September, I am dreading it, especially as I cant get travel insurance. One more fun thing to deal with. AArgh! Oh well, have to travel light and try not to fall off anything! :o]


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