Tuesday, 2 November 2010

no time…

bloody hell...my life is STILL a chaos - no time for blogging, breathing, emailing...aaargh! Try to catch up here on all the goings on. But I probably WILL forget most of them!

One of the days last week was a nightmare. We had to clean 11 chalets. Three of us. One of 'us' was totally not 'with the programme', so basically it was two of us. Plus a hoovering person. Right. Hey ho...We cleaned 11 chalets in six hours. I made 22 single beds...my partner in crime made 11 double beds...we cleaned 22 bathrooms etc...fogo!!!

I felt great - until I got home. Then I had KILLING feet and the Dreaded Swollen Belly. Fffft - we all talk about this - it's a horrible thing, as the initial signs of ovarian cancer are a swollen belly etc. And I am aware that it's a norm after such radical surgery. Can be for YEARS afterward according to my surgeon. Bah.

Bugger! So - I was worrying a lot....it's been a while since I did 'this kind' of worrying. grr. And a while since I thought about this BS. Having a swollen tummy is upsetting - all we OC girls KNOW about this - but it doesn't make it any easier. To swallow. Deal with. Whatever...

So, whilst rolling a cigarette and looking for my glasses [they are always where I am not] I considered the next bit of this post - and I have to say, bloody ovarian cancer is a pain in the proverbial. We survive...but we worry. Constantly - stupid kind of cancer to get - breast cancer? You can live another 40 years - ovarian? fft - we just have to hope for the best. It's one of those cancers that just creeps back. On various internal bits. Ideally, we don't think about what or when. We just hope for the best.

cat-pics-20.092010-037 And I stood on my glasses!! I don't believe this - my Pradas are now totalled...I dropped them, jumped off the kitchen stool at Shaun's [we were dog sitting last week at their lovely farm - see dogs above, nice and comfy by the Aga] to get them and viola...totalled - FFS!! I jumped ONTO them. I am sooooo tired of having to pay for things unnecessarily. its such a bore...

So. This week - off to the optician for repairs. Then off to buy stuff for my new kittens. woohoo! Sunday is going to be fab - two new kittens!

First photos of them at Annie's;

cat-pics-20.092010-032 cat-pics-20.092010-015 cat-pics-20.092010-017 cat-pics-20.092010-021

Great thing last week - Rachel came down!! So lovely to see her looking really well. And…pronounced completely cured of her cancer…can't get better than that!!

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