Wednesday, 3 November 2010

more cats

DSC_0006 DSC_0004 now that they've been here two days, life is settling into a sort of rhythm again. New kittens [these are 11 weeks] are at first scared, then curious, then usually have an upset tummy from the move and different food etc. Ugh. I decided to try boiled chicken on my two - FAIL! Last night, after gobbling it down as if their lives depended on finishing it within 3 seconds, we had Throwing Up All Over The Place evening…poor little things.

So, no more chicken for a while! Both are recovered this morning - racing around like crazy things. They have taken to sleeping on my desk - draped around the Wacom pad. Nice company :)


In the meantime, my tummy is now back to normal [phew] - yesterday I only had to clean one chalet, which is no big deal. Less strain on the old belly muscles and less exhausting in general. Today - major gardening and on Friday [this is hilarious] I will be painting. As in 'Painting and Decorating'…good grief.

Which means I'm a lot less grumpy. Nothing like a bloated, painful stomach to send one into the doldrums. Ridiculous, but true. Pulled muscles? More likely heh heh

Now to try figure out if these kittens are boys or girls…no names until I do!


  1. glad kittens settling in and glad u feeling better X

  2. It looks as if each kitty has tiny bits of orange in their stripey makeup. At least in our part of the world, genetics that provide three colors also mean female persuasion. I'll be waiting to hear if I am correct. *giggle*

  3. Cute, cutie pie photos. should have gotten a corgi!

  4. what? after seeing how yours behaves? no way. I'll leave the Corgi's to you and the Queen ;)


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