Thursday, 11 November 2010

idiots and neighbours

DSC_0075to go back to cancery stuff [ which I've been trying to avoid!] - I am still having sharp and odd pains in my belly. I am sure they are merely adhesions…but I am also thinking that 6 months is a LONG time between check ups. Even though I am so busy running from pillar to post…it weighs on my mind.

I can't quite get my head around it. All the pain is in the left hand side of my lower abdomen. Nothing happened there? Except scraping of the bowel where the cancer had spread from the ovary. Well, seems the bowel didn't think much of that and complains eternally. I hope. It makes me nervous though. Recurrence is never THAT far from my mind. Sadly.

Anyway, onward and upward! Some days, life is full of shit. really - it's infuriating, but sometimes the little things [the really meaningless things] can drive you completely sparko! Take today. I needed to go to the bank, and I needed cat food for the Small Beasties. I like to use small local shops [I am Mrs Anti-Sainsbury's-Taking-Over-The-World] and if the price is right, I'll use them. So off I went to the local 'centre' which has a load of little shops, including a really cool pet shop.

Got my kitten food, bread from the baker and did the banking [ha ha]. Felt rather jolly about the whole day so far.

I got into the car preparing to leave, and there was a woman getting into her small Gold Thing next to me. There was a horrendous wind today. She opened her rear passenger door, and the wind caught it - BANG! Into my rear passenger side panel. With force. I looked over, and she was merrily leaping into her Gold Thing, preparing to drive off. uh - I don't think so!! I leapt out of the car and asked her to stop [she would have had to run me over to leave].

I informed her that she had put a rather large dent in my Beemer. And that I'd like her insurance details please. She said she hadn't dented my car. I was astonished. And cross - and the more cross I become, the more polite and snotty I become. We had 'words'. I tried to explain to her that the obvious large scrape of gold [good grief - a gold car…ffft] paint on my dark blue car was from her door. She wasn't having it. Obviously [in her teeny brain - brain?? what brain??] IF her door had dented my car, there would be paint missing from her door. NOT!! Grr.

THEN she told me not to be 'stroppy'. Oh dear - like a red rag to a bull. Stroppy? And there was me, thinking I was being so restrained as I hadn't actually throttled her…some people have no idea at all about rage. I informed her that if she thought I was being stroppy [what a repulsive word!] she had yet to see true 'stroppiness' and should just push me a little harder in order to find out what it really is.

I think I must have looked quite scary [I tend to go bright white when I am furious], as she then said sorry and asked if I was 'all right'. DOH!! Obviously I was not!!

Eventually I got her phone and name - I hope. Not too serious if she gave the wrong details, as I took a photo of her car reg. And I have contacts in the police. So I will find her if she lied.


The whole point it this - if she'd just apologised, I'd have let it go. Who needs the hassle. It's a dent- there are far worse things, as we know. But she lied. I hate that. It will be interesting to see what happens when I call her for her details. I've had a quote - we will see.

Afterward I went round to my friend Claire - her husband is a brilliant artist and Body Shop person. He had a look at the car [in the pitch dark and rain - had to park under a lamp post!] and is confident it can be repaired for a reasonable amount. Claire supplied a calming glass of wine and lots of really neighbourly and 'friendy' type chat. And some headache tablets. :) I came away feeling much calmer - so lovely to have 'proper' neighbours - people who are there for you when you are at your wits end. Thanks Claire and John.

In the meantime, I have named the Wee Beasties!! Yay me!! This is Tigger Bear [Bear]:


And this is Tiger Lily [Lily]:



  1. Oh dear - I agree, I just hate it when people lie like that. AS to the adhesions or whatever - won't they see you more frequently if you ask? Nicely, of course? (On the other hand, if you stamped your foot and burst into tears that might just do the trick. There are times when you just have to play all the cards.)


  2. yes, if I ask [at all], they will see me sooner. But it seems [in the chemo brain scenario] that if I do, I may pre-empt I am TRYING no to.

    But I may have to. Depends on how my sanity goes ;) For me, playing the cancer card is no problem - might as well have SOME advantage out of the stupid disease? But with the RD&E, I don't need to - they are fabulous, and vey helpful...if I wanted to go this week, I could. I am very lucky.

  3. Ah yes, I understand! But on the other hand, isn't there a bit of you that thinks - seeing as how you've HAD cancer - that you should really get in there as a preemptive measure? Phone them up NOW!


  4. Hello you

    I just wanted to write to reassure you about the abdominal pains. I get them too, almost everyday. Often they're worse on the side that I didn't have surgery - how does that work?!

    I just think that after so much major surgery we've got lots of adhesions and scar tissue that's going to flare up and be uncomfortable. I would only worry enough to get it checked out if the pain changes or becomes more severe. Otherwise it's hot water bottles, hot baths and lots of wine ;-D

    Hope you're doing ok, and that horrible woman pays up. Love the kittens names!

    Em xxx

  5. yep - I think they ARE adhesions, cos when they cut them in January, it eased considerably. But the little buggers grow back.
    thanks sweetie :)

  6. What a stupid cow that woman is!! I hope she's learned her lesson, good on you for pulling her up. Recently found your blog. Have only read one or two posts so far. Wishing you well. Julie


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