Sunday, 14 November 2010

the Scar Project - battle scars

I just got home from a long evening of waiting tables…my feet are killing me [or trying to] and I am shattered. But I need to have a space between work and sleep, so I thought I'd pick up my email. LOTS of email as I tend to neglect it these days, as I'm not at the computer so much.

Then I thought I'd just check the blog feeds. And I read a post by Daria.  The video is moving - and this link is also very interesting.

Breast cancer is not about 'cute pink' things. Sort of like Ovarian cancer is not about cute teal things. It's about real women fighting for their lives - and their lives are forever changed by the aftershocks of whatever cancer they have had. The physical scarring, the mental scarring - the constant deliberations about what 'could' or 'might be' after such a life changing event.

To quote from the article: "Breast cancer charities have been very successful with their society balls, pink ribbon days, fun runs, and mass bikini walks. They glamorise breast cancer to the point where the charity is almost dissociated from the disease. The ribbons are a desirable fashion statement, their events peppered with celebrities; they are the place to be if you want to be photographed with the glitterati."

I liked that the writer went back and photographed the billboard - he was that disturbed by the reality of the image.

Interesting that something so horrible can become 'glamorous' in the eyes of the world. But I am sure [I know] that it's NOT in the eyes of the women struck with breast cancer. NO cancer is glamorous. Cancer is repulsive.

This post from Daria. I have copied it straight from her blog:

"According to the website, The SCAR Project is a series of large-scale portraits of young breast cancer survivors shot by fashion photographer David Jay.

The pictures are all of women between the ages 18 and 35. All the ladies are topless and bear the physical scars of breast cancer."

This video is not for the faint hearted. And I am suddenly grateful for my sore feet. At least  am here to HAVE sore feet…

I think a video of the scarring resultant from Ovarian cancer would be a good thing too - the scars will not be as emotive to many, as a scarred belly is not the same as a scarred breast. A scarred breast is a direct hit at a woman's psyche. But they are nonetheless battle scars we wear. Cut open from breast bone to pubic bone - it's a Battle Scar.


  1. I saw this, too. Incredibly wonderful, brave and lovely women.

  2. yes. I don't know if it were me, if I could do that

  3. wow- it brings all that pink glitz stuff down to a earth with a bang. There is nothing remotely glam about cancer. I have had so much surgery I look like Charles Bronson. Currently healing- a crucifix wound from breast bone down to pubic bone and across the bottom of the stomach end to end. Add that to breast reduction scars from 2001 and I look like a patchwork quilt!!

  4. Your are right we OC survivors have scars too. Behind the scar of a young ( or older) OC survivor is the loss of fertility - I wish someone would highlight.

  5. thank you so much. As a one breasted women (soon to be no breasted) everything seemed to be about hiding the ops. I wanted to feel attractive as I am but hadn't seen others with mastectomy except the medical pics on google images. Here were women like me, expressing their attractiveness and I know that's not easy in a world where its all about breastedness.


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