Saturday, 6 November 2010

cycle kenya funds and cat news

wvc-kenya this is going to be a lightning post, as I am racing out the door to work - but just had to share this - a friend of Tracey's, Darren, is doing this really amazing thing for me.

He's never even met me, but to help raise funds for the Women v Cancer cycle Kenya, he is selling products on eBay and giving me the profits! Not ME personally, but he'll put the money into the justgiving account.

How kind is that? I am chuffed to bits. Please see the link here if you'd like to buy one. Ovarian Cancer charity mug [it even has my ribbon on it - woo hoo!]. Thanks SO much Darren, and thanks to Tracey too for the intro. T-shirt next, when I have time to get the design sorted.

OC mug

In the meantime, we now know the kittens are GIRLS, yay! So now to find some names that suit them - this morning, lightning and speedy come to mind, as they are like two little rockets racing about!

They seem rather partial to wine ;) Right I'm off, please tell your friends about the cool mug? Thanks!



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