Monday, 11 November 2013

Jeremy 'H'unt

einstein So. I am never up to date with the news, as I never watch TV. I hate TV. Every time I DO watch it's either something that makes me feel like slightly killing myself or killing at least 12 other people. So I don't watch it. And the radio is just as bad - so my 'News' is garnered either by posts on Facebook or [if I feel really interested] by a Google search [of posts on Facebook] of what's happening today.

Subsequently, I was not 100% aware of the Saatchi Bill Fiasco. Until I had an email from Ovarian Cancer Action. I am one of their Voices, so possibly I SHOULD  be aware of this kind of thing. Well. I am now! And now I am Fuming!!

Why? Because some foolish man - Jeremy Hunt to be precise [Hunt?? Really? ok…], has stated that 'cancer already has a cure'. So we don't need the Saatchi Bill. Well, well! I totally missed the news headlines about that little miracle! Stupid man!! IF cancer has been cured, then how is it that there are still so many of my friends that are dying?? DO let me know Jeremy won't you?

It's astounding that a modern man can be so completely and  moronically out of touch. The treatment for ovarian cancer has not changed in the last 45 years. Oh, and DO correct me if I'm wrong! Thank God that we didn't have a 'Hunt' when Faber was trying to create a cure for cancer - imagine that! Hunt would have crushed chemotherapy and - oh joy! I and thousands of other cancer patients would now be dead thanks to his lack of foresight. Innovation is the only way forward you foolish man.

Do you think, Jeremy, that the women that Farber tested chemotherapy on in the 40's were like you? No. Of course they weren't. They were women who knew that if they didn't try something new - they would simply die. And dying is not an option for cancer patients - in OUR minds, survival is the only option. You make us sick [well - sicker]. And patently, you wish to REALLY make us sick, as in making us die - due to lack of CHOICE. We have to have a choice here - the facts being that IF there is a doctor who has a reasonable treatment, tested and tried in the lab - it should be OUR choice, as cancer patients, to allow that doctor to test his new and innovative treatment on us. NOT YOURS. IF we are at a point in our treatment that none of the traditional [as in chemo] tried and tested treatments will help, WHY is it that we should not be allowed to give permission to a doctor to trial his innovative treatment on us? WHY is it it YOUR decision?

Who do you think you ARE to decide for women whether or not we can live? Who do you think you are to decide that someone who has studied our disease should not be allowed to try to help us?

Why is it that you think you know what is best for women with Ovarian cancer? You have never had it. And never will. Do you think that if perhaps your wife or daughter had ovarian cancer [God forbid such a thing], and were at their very last choice, that you would not wish to have the help of an INNOVATIVE doctor - whom could perhaps save her life?

I truly believe that in that situation, you would definitely change your [at the moment] ridiculous and thoughtless point of view. IF there is already a 'cure for cancer' then DO share. I would love to tell the friends I have that are fighting this disease. I am sure it would make their bloody day to know.

"It has been reported that Jeremy Hunt at the Department of Health announced last week that it would object to the bill as there was "already a cure for cancer".

Lord Saatchi’s Medical Innovation Bill is simply helping doctors innovate new treatments and cures for cancer and other diseases. Why has it been refused? HOW can you object? How could anyone object?

Please. Share this information. Get people to see this. We deserve better than Hunt and his inane refusal. IF I were to have a recurrence, I would desperately want the choice of innovative treatment - the existing treatments we have are limited, and one's body can become immune to them. And the cancer cells can too.

Do NOT let Jeremy Hunt limit your choices. And by doing so, limit your life. Share.


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