Monday, 6 June 2011

our 11th anniversary

wedding well. I've been married to the FH 11 years today – astounding! time flies when you're having fun! And we really have had some fun – and some very dark times too.

My office smells beautiful – this morning I had a great big bouquet of lilies…and a lovely card…the photo is of us cutting our 'cake' – a massive pile of meringues which went with  a huge bowl of strawberries, and another of clotted cream…I have my Gran's Victorian scarf on [for something old], and my Mum's amethyst ring [for something blue].

I was thinking about this [the dark times] at the weekend. We've been through so many troubles. We seem to attract drama of the worst kind – divorce, CSA [translate – blood sucking imbeciles], redundancy [both of us at the same time!], unemployment [again, both at the same time], accidents, car problems [er – these cost a fortune!], house problems [these too!], volcano deleted name it...we've dealt with it. Oh and of course the cancer crap.

How can a person ever know WHAT they are getting into when they get married? Ah – in 'sickness and in health' – no-one really understands that part. The FH thought he was marrying a fit and fat individual. And he was. Fat. Not so sure about the fit bit…but I was a normal healthy woman – with normal healthy appetites for life. How that has changed. And how supportive has the FH been. He is an amazing person – his own everyday stresses are horrendous. Running your own business sucks – people get the idea that if you have your own business, you must be at the top of the food chain. Er – not. It sucks – no paid holiday, no wages at all if the people don't come in and buy. Bah. Hate it.

And we have struggled. A lot. We still are struggling now. But – we struggle together. We meet every challenge together. We deal with every difficulty as a team. It's hard. But – we also have fun – we go off on mad trips – the FH is a genius for planning 'Stuff'. Stuff that doesn't cost us a fortune,  but always means we have a great time. I have had the best holidays of my life with this man – and that's saying something, as I have had a brilliant life, full of travels. But the FH always always manages to think up something new and fun…

He even managed it while I was in chemo. He is a genius for making happiness happen. I am so lucky.

I am so happy today! I hope to God I remain in remission for ever?


  1. Yes, some people do seem to get a lot more crap in their lives than others. I still have not figured out way.


    I am so glad you have someone to go through it with. I am glad you have someone to grow very old with. (Bah, ending a sentence in a preposition.)

  2. My mother always says when people say their wedding vows they only hear "Good, Rich, Health" and not "Bad, Poorer, Sickness." As fast as some folks get divorced I think she may be right.

    I'm glad you found someone who heard and is practicing the entire vow set. Happy Anniversary!

  3. 6th June - our 24th anniversary! Good to be a team.


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