Monday, 30 May 2011

still raising funds!

TRR 2_event_tshirt _2011 What a busy year this is – the time is just flying away…it's like water slipping through my hands. So many things happening all the time and I can't keep up. So many people I am neglecting…but luckily for me, I know they understand.

Friday just gone Vicky and I did a fund raiser in Stoke at the Baddeley Green Working Men's Club again – we raised £1225.00 before expenses. Vicky and I came away with £450 each to add to our Cycle Kenya funds – brilliant! I still have a load of money to put into my justgiving page, but haven't had time. I barely have time to sleep!


Saturday, I met up with some friends – one old friend I have known since my diagnosis yet never actually met, Emily. Two other friends I have met since then through Ovacome, and they have joined the jolly cancery group on Facebook. We had a lovely lunch and a massive chat – what a great afternoon. As usual, I was shattered…we took 4 1/2 hours to get to Stoke, did the event, collapsed into bed and then Saturday lots going on then the drive home [which was excellent – only 3 hours!].

DSC_0152 And here's another friend I met up with in Stoke :) Annie couldn't make the lunch, but she made the event! Thanks sweetie!


In July, I am doing the LAST but not least fundraiser for the cycle Kenya fund – still trying to organise the date, but it will be fab if it comes off, as we have a free event photographer, a gorgeous Burlesque dancer, two bands [so far] and a BBC Devon newsreader to compère the event. Yay! Just some confusion over the date at the moment, but as soon as that is resolved, I will post the event here.


I started training for the Kenya cycle today [better late than never eh?] – 10 mile round trip in horrible wind. I seriously hate wind – I suffered from earache as a child, and wind always makes my ears try to kill me. And I am struggling with my hands being so painful since chemo and with the adhesions. But I WILL do this. I will. Although today I rather thought I wouldn't…I really hate wind…all I kept thinking was there will not be freezing wind in Kenya! Didn't stop me thinking I wouldn't be able to do it though..but I will. I have to!!

This was after a shopping trip [or three] to buy the necessities for the training weekend in the Cotswolds the week after next – shorts, helmet, waterproof jacket etc. I'll need all those things in Kenya, so hey ho – but being involved in a charity event is expensive! But worth it. In the meantime, the check up looms…but so does another week in Spain! yay!

I refuse to entertain any other result of my check-up than a good one. Most of the time.

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