Monday, 5 September 2011

the Kenya cycle: map of the ride

Kenya ride map [sort of! some of the route is by coach, but the map doesn't allow the option to change from bike to bus so I just carried on the route] - if those elevations are real, I am writing my will before I leave ;)
If you use the scroll at the side of the map, then click on the button saying 'view full' at the bottom it will take you to the page that shows all the details, including the hotels that we will be staying at.

Only 53 days to go!! Cycled a quick 12 miles this evening with the FH, outward bound was great, cycling average approximately 16mph...then homeward, about 14 mph average due to horrible wind. But hey ho, the harder it is, the better for the Kenya trip! It's getting harder to be motivated to cycle as the colder weather moves in, but I am getting nervous now, so I am intent on getting out every day. With a couple of back to backs on weekends to give me saddle time.We'll be doing the FORCE Autumn Breeze cycle, approximately 60 miles [100km] soon. Hope it doesn't rain! Hills, wind and rain - ugh!

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