Friday, 2 September 2011

cycle Kenya is a definite!

fashion_card Well, it seems my brain may have fixed itself – I'm feeling almost normal again. Yay. I think. We'll see. I have my friend constantly on my mind, so it's hard. BUT I know she'd kill me if she thought I was like this due to her. And it's not just her. It's a lot of random things too. Hey ho - onward and upward. Right? Right.

Today was exciting – the letters came out from Action for Charity, to let us know we are definitely confirmed on the cycle! WOOP!! Lots of girls posting on Facebook to say they have their letters, so lots of glee! Quite chuckalicious.

The Oldest Step Daughter [hence known as The OSD for brevity – I can't keep typing all that!], Vick, text me to say she had rung up Action for Charity and is confirmed on the ride – I text back to say I was not yet, and two minutes later, the [beastly and LATE!] postman arrived with the letter to tell me I am too! Surreal! So now all I have to do is find £294.03 for the air taxes…heavens above! It's a lot!! Plus, Kenya insists on a £30.00 CASH payment [surprise, surprise!] for the visa to enter.

But there you go, got to be paid, and the result, lots of awareness [we hope] and lots of funds for research gained. Now just to train to get through the cycle that supports women everywhere who are either in treatment, just out of it or living with the delightful aftermath of having had one of these hideous cancers.

We live with the constant fear of recurrence…it's not nice. We are in remission, but the fear is always still there in the back of the mind. A repulsive rat, gnawing away at ones confidence and every day life. So any support is good, and this cycle is women supporting women.

wild dogs Women supporting women who SO desperately need that support. Ovarian cancer, cervical, breast cancer -  whatever! All these cancers attack women like Wild Dogs on a young animal – with no mercy, and a lot of gruesome bloodshed. Fighting it off is one thing – keeping it at bay – quite another. The strength of mind one needs to cope is quite astounding – I am not sure that I have it. I hope I do, as I need it. This is a trip one travels alone, no matter how many amazing people [and I have a lot of them!] are there beside the road – it's still a journey of solitude in many respects.

After all, it's we who could die of it, no-one else.

If you are at all concerned about any of these women's cancers, please donate here – the smallest donation helps. Thank you!

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  1. My mom has requested that there are no flowers at her service and all donations go to research Ovarian cancer. It is sad that it is such an ignored cancer.


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