Saturday, 27 August 2011

please think of my friend?

DSC_0131B This evening I have a face awash with tears. And I am filled with rage and sadness. I keep looking up at the ceiling – just to feel that wrench in the front of my neck – just to feel still alive. And to try to be calm and stop this crying. I have had the most horrible few weeks. I think.

Oh! Actually. No, I haven't; actually, I haven't at all. I just thought I had. But really one of my friends has. She is ill. Extremely ill. My week was simply filled with worry about her and her family and sundry other [quite unimportant somehow] stuff.

She is suffering. But she is a tiger. A fighter. A wonderful woman, intelligent, beautiful and interesting to know.  She has three lovely daughters whom I've heard a lot about from her – all good things. I met them once. They are admirable. And beautiful too. She adores them, each one for their own individualities. And a sweet husband, equally loved – he has been amazing in his support according to her - and with the same name as my FH. Odd. 

My friend  has the orange top on in the photo. And the blue nails. Blue? Heh heh. She is in such a hard place right now. Sometimes it's hard to know what to do, what to say…so, just think of my friend please? It might help.

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  1. Sometimes there are just no words except that I am thinking of you and of her.


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