Wednesday, 3 August 2011

and thank you Steve!

hello Carol :) thank you for reminding me to post – and for reminding me WHY I should post – to let everyone who cares know I am still here, and all you cancery types – I am still beating it's ass. Too right I am. So far, so good.

my friend Steve Turner, whom I haven't seen for years [but I hope to see soon!], donated a great big huge tile cutting machine to sell for my Women v Cancer fund. It is worth £500. We sold it today for £325.00! That was the minimum we would accept, and some fellow bought it through the Riviera Tile & Bathrooms Facebook site. Way to go!! My new total will show up on the Justgiving site soon. Here's the beast!


In the meantime, I am cycling. A lot. Practice or training – whatever. Both involve hills!I I bought a machine for my bike to tell me how fast [slow!] I am going. It's brilliant! Average speed, time etc. But it's exhausting. The cycling.

I so hope I succeed in Kenya.

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