Tuesday, 23 August 2011

what a fabulous weekend!

DSC_0056 we had the loveliest day yesterday – Rick and Judi treated Julie [yes, yes, all my friends – far too many of them starting with a J!] to a horse gallop down the beach at Ilfracombe for her birthday. We drove [well, the FH did], Judi and Rick brought the fabulous picnic and Laura brought her Mum, Julie, who had visions of being shoved out of an airplane! It was a surprise – I haven't been able to talk to Julie for weeks, in case I let the secret out!

DSC_0105 The beach at Ilfracombe

But it was much nicer than that – she had an hour of riding a beautiful horse called Apache across the sands of Ilfracombe at Crow Point. It's a stunning beach – rather cunning if one is prepared to walk a little way – one passes the families with their shrieking kids, barking dogs and sundry other horrid stuff, until one arrives at a beach that would make an Australian surfer gulp. Empty. Deep. And stunning. But no waves ;)

We drove down sundry skinny lanes with billions of humps to get there [almost vomiting over all the beastly humps], paid a toll [!!]then, whilst Julie was cavorting about on her horse, we set up Judi's picnic and delved into the wine. The weather was completely perfect! Windy, but warm and sunny…get on!

DSC_0041The sand dunes were great, the company was delightful. SOME people went bonkers in the dunes…and yet still managed to keep their wine in the glass! 
 DSC_0100 I loved it. So good to be with friends and no pressure at all. Eventually we left; Julie and Laura had a 'roof down' crisis with their car, but we managed to get back to Judi and Rick's in one piece for more wine and the remains of the picnic on Judi's amazing  front. Making the most of the last bit of sunshine, sitting on their gravel patio just finished the day off perfectly.

But even this day was darkened by cancer – Julie said that the young woman who accompanied on the horse ride has had leukaemia. Twice. Poor child. I really did not want to know this. But - it seems impossible to escape it!! – and it's driving me mad. I am sick and tired of cancer…but then, I always was I suppose. Just that now, it's more personal. Isn't it?
Good news though!! My Aunt has reached the end of her horrible chemo/radio regime…her email today made me smile. At the same time, it made me cry – the pain she is enduring….ffs…does it never end!!??

Tomorrow I am off to the GP for shots for Kenya. Whilst I am there I am going to ask about depression. Not sure that I have it, but I am sure I need help with something.  Maybe my brain is broken?

And by the way – thank you so much the people who have already tried to help me with messages of support – it means a lot…


  1. What a fun way to celebrate a birthday. I love that beach and love horseback riding too.

    Cancer stinks and it seems that once you've had it - you find it at every turn, every corner - it jumps out at you. Enough you want to scream! You are not alone.

  2. Hello,
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